Sep 16th 9:35 PM
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Daily life in Umami Town.  In real life, my umbrella has Moomins and their friends.  Getting to use it is probably my favorite part of rainy days.

Sep 16th 9:25 PM
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Apparently there had been some friction between Canberra and Soleil.  Or at the very least, Canberra didn’t hold Soleil in very high regard, but despite her bossy ways, Soleil is actually very caring.  Canberra has a newfound respect for her now, and it’s possible they’ll grow to be friends.

Sep 16th 9:17 PM
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Hamphrey visited the library, and being the bonsai buff that he is, Azuki brought him upstairs to see she’s been keeping her holly bonsai.

Sep 16th 9:13 PM
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Daily life in Umami Town.

Butterfly in the sky!  I can fly twice as high!  Take a look!  It’s in a book!  A Reading Rainbow~!

Sep 16th 9:07 PM
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Soleil visited the library recently.  Erik has apparently been good about reading the books he takes out.  Mostly adventure biographies and adventure fiction, lately.  Soleil thought for sure that Azuki wouldn’t have a copy of the less common book she was looking for her, but Azuki managed to find one!

Sep 16th 9:02 PM
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Daily life in Umami Town.  Added a new painting to the museum.

Sep 16th 8:44 PM
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Daily life in Umami Town.  I’m waaaaay behind in game, so after I started feeling better, I rushed through July, and I should be starting on August and giving the town dream a proper summer update soon.  Fireworks and kimonos and such.

Sep 13th 10:24 PM
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I’m back in my apartment again.

And I can pretty much do things as long as I don’t exert myself too much or strain my abdomen.  I’m also back to normal waking hours, although I’m still always a bit tired and in pain.  Technically laparoscopic surgery takes three weeks to recover from, and this was just the first.  And I have a post-op appointment this coming week, at which point I’m guessing these bandages on my four external incisions are coming off.

But I am at the point where I am actually doing things again, and I’ve been playing Animal Crossing and such, so you should see some activity on this blog again.  I’d like to hurry through in game summer and catch up to autumn.  We’ve had a cold snap here where I live and I’m going to be thinking of clothing in layers and all about halloween festivities.

Sep 6th 9:48 PM
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floralfan asked: I hope you recover soon and feel well again. That goes double with the surgery going well!

Unfortunately my health problems extend beyond my gallbladder.  This will just mean that I no longer occasionally wake up in the middle of the night in excruciating pain.  I will still have regular pain, bloating, discomfort, lack of appetite, nausea, etc. that are most likely caused by other, yet to be diagnosed problems that we have yet to find medications that work for.  Not to mention that it’s been about five years since I haven’t had a headache or migraine.  Not one second.

Remember guys, I am in constant physical pain, and I have had years of depressive and anxiety disorders.  I don’t know what it’s like to operate at 100%, to wake up in the morning not in pain, or even remember what not being in pain feels like.  I don’t comment on it much, because I don’t like drawing attention to myself and people find it to be quite a downer to hear about.  But this is my daily life.  And my daily life got a lot more painful started spring semester.  This fall semester, that I am taking a medical leave of absence during, is for me to try to make my daily life less painful so that I can focus on my battle against my anxiety disorders and actually get artwork done.  So I’m seeing multiple doctors, getting various tests, and trying out a variety of medications at any one time.